I have been making and painting contemporary mackerel sculptures using recycled and sustainable plywood since 2015. My mackerel evolved from childhood memories - messing around in old boats, rowing, paddling, learning to sail and fishing in South Devon and off the West Coast of Scotland.

Like many of us I adore the sea and enjoy water sports. 


I was born in Bath, England in 1968 - the youngest of four children whom were left to roam freely from dawn until dusk in a large wild garden - retrieved only at mealtimes by the toil of a bell!

I went to art school in the mid eighties and since then have continued to draw, paint and create sporadically when time allows......my work has sold in the US, Canada, Australia, Saudi Arabia, The Far East and all over Europe.


The sea has continued to play an integral part in my life, the life of my husband and our three children, both professionally and during family holidays.

Rick and Jill Stein's Gift Shop in Padstow, Cornwall stock my mackerel key rings plus my Mackerel Shoal Giclee Framed Prints.


In 2019 I completed a commission for P&O Cruises (Carnival) - for their new ship "Iona" - my largest shoal to date.

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E:  sales@jesshughesdesigns.com

Handmade in Bath, England.

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