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I've been making and painting contemporary mackerel wall sculptures using recycled and sustainable plywood since 2015.  

My mackerel evolved from happy childhood memories - messing around in old boats, rowing, paddling, learning to sail, fishing and poking in South Devon and off the West Coast of Scotland. When I paint them I try to capture their incredible colours, vivid markings, freshness and beauty when they’re first pulled straight out of the sea - in a contemporary, clean, bright style. 

My mackerel seem to resonate with many people - that’s why I’ve continued to paint them. I have painted well over 7000 and they've gone all over the world! 


In the past I've painted hundreds of mackerel for Rick & Jill Stein in Padstow.

In 2019 I completed a commission for P&O Cruises (Carnival) - A shoal of 600 for their ship "Iona" - my largest shoal to date.

Several of my shoals can be found at The Scallop Shell in Bath - an award winning fish & chip restaurant.

St Ives Harbour Hotel has a large shoal too, which was commissioned in 2024.

Like many of us I adore the sea and enjoy watersports. The sea remains an integral part of my family’s life, both professionally and during holidays. 

If you want the reassurance of more reviews head to my Etsy shop where you'll find over 150.

Thank you for your interest........







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