The Tiddler

The Tiddler


Contemporary Mackerel Fish Sculpture - The Tiddler


The Tiddler can be mounted as wall art or placed as an ornament 


N.B. PLEASE NOTE the Tiddlers are NOT supplied with a hanging device (see photo of reverse Tiddler) ie no picture hook is supplied.


Hand painted and varnished

Handmade using sustainable birch plywood (FSC)


Every Tiddler is different - no two are the same - therefore each is a unique piece of art


This price (£20) is for ONE mackerel Tiddler by Jess Hughes


Mackerel Tiddlers are approximately 16.5cm long and 3cm wide (12mm depth)


Handmade in Bath, England by Jess Hughes 


I make four sizes of 3D Mackerel Wall Art Sculpture: Large, Medium, Small and the Tiddler (as seen in the photograph)

In that order, approximate lengths are: 42cm, 29cm, 22.5cm and 16.5cm


All sizes are available to purchase here


Please don't hesitate to contact me


Thank you for your interest


Handmade in Bath, England.

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