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The Twister

The Twister


The Twister


1 contemporary wooden mackerel fish wall sculpture.


This price (£30) is for one mackerel sculpture.  


The Twister swims on its own or can be added to any collection.

Serveral Twisters  will create an impressive shoal with plenty of movement.


Original, hand painted artwork - for interior wall decor.


The Twister mackerel is approximately 13 x 19cm. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Free UK postage.


Using a palette of blues, greens, greys and pale yellows, no two mackerel are the same - each is a unique piece of art, with their own individual characteristic mackerel markings.


Ready to hang creatively and individually on a small trianglar hook, these are made using sustainable (FSC) plywood. Artist Jess Hughes hand paints her distinct mackerel shoals with water-based, non-toxic decorative paints and varnish.


Inspired by childhood memories of fishing, poking, paddling, learning to sail and messing around in old boats.


Handmade in Bath, England by Jess Hughes (Designs).

  • Delivery Aim

    1 to 2 weeks. Buyer will be kept informed. Please contact me for more information.

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