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Two Small Twisters

Two Small Twisters


The Twisters......


2 Contemporary wooden mackerel fish wall decor sculptures.


This price (£64) is for two mackerel sculptures. One swimming left and one right. 


The Twisters work as a pair or add them to your exsisting collection.....


These are both original, hand painted artworks - For interior wall decor.


As photographed/displayed here the pair take up an approximately area of 22cm (width) and 27cm (height). Individually the mackerel are 13 x 19cm. Please contact me if you have any questions.


Free UK postage.


Using a palette of blues, greens, greys and pale yellows, no two mackerel are the same - each is a unique piece of art, with their own individual characteristic mackerel markings.


Ready to hang creatively and individually on a small trianglar hook, these are made using sustainable (FSC) plywood. Artist Jess Hughes hand paints her distinct mackerel shoals with water-based, non-toxic decorative paints and varnish.


Inspired by childhood memories of fishing, poking, paddling, learning to sail and messing around in old boats.


Handmade in Bath, England by Jess Hughes (Designs).

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    30 days at this present time. Buyer will be kept informed. Please contact me for more information.

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